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According to an article by Harvard Business Review, $356 billion was spent in 2015 alone on leadership & management training globally but obtaining a poor return on their investment. 

(Hbr.org, 2016)


Executives & HR Directors are often sold cookie-cutter, templatized solutions with little customization that do not address the specific needs of an organization.

When you work with me, I utilize a specific model that is tailor-made to address your organizations’ specific obstacles, goals, and overall strategy & direction before delivering a single session of training.

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the capacity building model

Every leadership & development training program can easily be broken into three categories: Pre Training | During Training | Post Training

A 3 decade-long career

I was part of a RM6 Billion Royal Malaysian Navy New Generation Petrol Vessel (NGPV) project that almost went under in 2004 and successfully delivered in 2010.

I’ve implemented numerous Train The Trainer programmes globally with clients from Dubai, Tanzania, Nigeria, Oman, Cambodia, Pakistan, and Malaysia.

In 1993, I was awarded as the Best Education Officer of Malaysian Armed Forces, In 1996, I obtained a scholarship to attend the Defence Language Institute in Texas. In 2008, I rose to be the Head of Marine Technology Academy (MTA).

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2018 Pulse of Profession, a global survey conducted by Project Management Institute (PMI) revealed an alarming statistic. About 2 Trillion Dollars are wasted every year due to project failures. Do you realize that many projects are managed by ‘Accidental Project Managers’? Many professionals are promoted to be project manager without sufficient training and certification. While driving license is a legal requirement to drive a bus, multi billion dollars projects are driven by untrained project managers. Our Project Management Training program will enable your project team to determine their competency gap and the required training intervention. Our training and coaching programs are designed and delivered by industry experts with global experience and recognized certification. Your next project will certainly benefit from our training.


How do great companies maintain a competitive edge? They invest in developing leadership at all levels. Leadership is about inspiring your team, making an impact and drive your organization to the next level. Inspirational leaders can create transformation within themselves and their teams. Our unique Leadership Self –Assessment will enable you to determine your leadership strength and opportunity for improvement. We provide leadership development programs and coaching that will result in customized action plan for achieving your leadership goals. We believe, leadership is not merely position but effective action.


Great leaders are often great teachers. The ability to inspire your team and empower them is vital to develop your organization’s talent. Alexander the Great once said of Aristotle, “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well”. Our hands-on Train the Trainer workshop will equip you with solid foundational principles and practical skill for adult learning facilitation. You will learn the art and science of training Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. Our Train the Trainer program will empower you to be an excellent trainer who inspires learning. You will certainly experience the joy of facilitating talent development for personal and professional growth.

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“Unbridled passion and enthusiasm towards the creation and sustainment of lifelong learning”

For well over a decade, Dr Praba and I have collaborated professionally to support a number of higher education and technical/vocational learning activities in the public and private sectors with particular focus on assuring effective knowledge transfer. Dr Praba’s unbridled passion and enthusiasm towards the creation and sustainment of lifelong learning opportunities is well complemented by his high level of dedication and professionalism. Dr Praba is well regarded by his peers and community and I feel privileged to have worked with Praba and to be part of his ongoing support network into the future.

John Robertson

Chief Operating Officer, SMA Global Australia 

“SMC Trainers has been bridging the gap between academia and industry.”

SMC Trainers, a company under the leadership of
Dr. Praba has been bridging the gap between
academia and industry. Valuable learning
experience I had with Dr. Praba including the
commercialization of academic knowledge, the
organization management in technology
transfer, academic entrepreneurship and the
practicality of research from university into
industry and vice versa had given a significant
impact for me to succeed as an academia.

Dr. Rozetta Dolah

Post Doctoral Researcher at MIT, Boston, USA

Dr. Praba’s approach to learning is delivered with a focused sense of purpose and mission to impact.”

Dr. Praba’s approach to learning is delivered
with a focused sense of purpose and mission to
impact.The sessions are derived from established theoretical context, well structured, wholesome and life impacting. Thus, making the learner walk away from every session, with not only a full grasp of the concept taught, but a personal interpretation of one’s leadership as a life learner and clarity of one’s role in the learning
process, on the concept thought.

Dr. Lucy Surhyel Newman

CEO, Financial Institution Training Centre, Nigeria


Every week I publish something about I’ve learned in my 3 decades in training and development. And sometimes I have other industry leaders stop by to share their expertise on talent development

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