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From cradle to grave, life is a continuous learning process. Facilitating lifelong learning to optimise individual’s potential is our mission at SMC Trainers Malaysia. Our team of experts with vast international experience and relevant professional qualifications enable us to fulfil this mission for the last 10 years. Our smart partnership with UTM School of Professional and Continuing Education (UTM SPACE), Scientific Management Associates (SMA), Australia and Asia e University (AeU) is the catalyst that helps us achieve our mission.

SMC focuses on facilitating lifelong learning especially among working adults who missed tertiary learning opportunities. At SMC, we believe that every individual with a desire to learn should be provided with the access and relevant coaching to facilitate learning. We are delighted to be able to impact personal and professional growth of more than 2000 working adults over the last 10 years. We have seen the transformation of production operators to be successful supervisors, supervisors to be managers and wage earners to be successful entrepreneurs. Hearing the stories of personal and professional growth of our students is our greatest joy. Rajesh is one of our many successful who reaped the benefit of lifelong learning.

Rajesh, an experienced project manager joined our UTM Professional Certificate in Project Management in June 2016. His passion for learning and hands on experience was apparent in his depth of discussion during the classes. A few classes later, I realised that Rajesh was retrenched and is looking for a job. Just a few months prior, his wife took a Voluntary Seperation Scheme (VSS) from her employment as a bank officer. With two children and both husband and wife being unemployed, this was indeed challenging both emotionally and financially. Despite the hardship, he never missed a class and continued his pursuit to enhance his project management skills. Rajesh successfully completed his studies and gained his professional certificate in project management from UTM in December 2016.

The economic downturn resulted in more retrenchment and very limited hiring. However, Rajesh and few other students from the project management class recently shared the wonderful news of being employed through new projects in Pengerang, Johor and Singapore. They shared how enhancing project management skills through Project Management Institute’s (PMI), Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) contributed in obtaining a job in the challenging economic environment. The real life case studies and integration of project management, personal mastery and general management skills are among the unique characteristics of UTM’s Professional Certificate in Project Management.

Realising how the learning experiences from the course made a difference in student’s lives such as Rajesh is the greatest satisfaction for us at SMC. Our tag line, ‘Your Progress, Our Priority’ is not merely a rhetoric but a reality.

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