Dear Accidental Project Managers, This Is A Survival Kit For You.

Imagine this. You’re a bus driver and people are waiting for your bus to arrive. They need to go home after a tiring day in the office. It’s the final bus for that day. When you arrive at the bus stop, quickly you open up the door. Then you tell the passengers that you don’t […]

This Is What I Learned From Experiencing A Troubled Project

25 July 2005 is very fresh in my mind. On that very day, a team of fierce-looking auditors from the Public Accounts Committee arrived at the doorstep of my organization in Lumut all the way from Kuala Lumpur with a single objective; to audit our project performance. If you must know, the outcome of that […]

Project Managers, Is This Soft Skill The Hardest To Master?

Have you ever experienced talking to someone who seems to be listening, yet after taking a closer look, you realised that his or her mind isn’t really there. How does it feel being ignored, do you like it? Pretty annoying, that’s for sure. Now, imagine the implication if your key customer felt ignored. Never, ever […]

Tidak Ramai Tahu 3 Formula Ini Sebenarnya Dapat Membantu Tingkatkan Kemahiran Bahasa Inggeris.

Disember 1993  lalu merupakan salah satu hari yang sangat penting dalam hidup saya. Tugas saya sebagai salah seorang pegawai pelajaran di Pusat Latihan Tentera Laut DiRaja Malaysia di Lumut, Perak bermula pada hari tersebut. Diantara tugas yang dipertanggungjawabkan kepada  saya adalah mengajar pengucapan awam atau public speaking kepada para pegawai kadet TLDM. Walaupun sebenarnya saya seorang graduan […]

Display These 3 Learners Characteristics, And See How Your Future Changes.

Shamala was one of my students who graduated with a Professional Diploma in Management about 10 years ago. When I first met her, she was a high school drop out. Allow me to be very direct here. Like most of our adult students, she was very passionate and committed to learning. Despite that eagerness, I […]

Don’t Let Difficult Project Stakeholders Spoil Your Day. Embrace These Steps.

Stakeholders management, why it matters? Have you experienced getting swarmed by conflicting requirements from different project stakeholders? I must say, being pushed around from different directions could be very stressful. The situation will be worse when you have project bosses who are not competent, especially in the area of people skills. I have experienced this […]

3 Habits of Highly Proactive Project Managers

A few days ago, I met Ali while having breakfast after my morning jog. Ali is one of my MBA students who decided to take a break from MBA. While his other course mates are about to graduate by end of this year, Ali is not sure whether he can even continue. Guess why Ali […]

Lifelong learning: The ultimate way to boost your personal branding

“The day you stop learning is the day you stop living. We should all pick up new skills, ideas, viewpoints, and ways of working every day” –Richard Branson I used to think that personal branding is only relevant for public figures like politicians, celebrities, and prominent CEOs. Coffee with my friend Azleen a few weeks ago completely […]

How To Get Better Result From Your Training Investment?

Reducing cost, improving quality and optimizing talent are daily challenges of managers today. Ability to manage these challenges effectively determines survival of organizations in this hyper competitive global business environment. Many organizations are investing in training to manage above mentioned challenges. The key question is: Are we getting the best value for money from training? […]


I went to HRDF Conference 2017 on 28-29 Nov at KLCC with a lot of ‘hunger’.  I was hungry to learn.  I wanted to learn how to improve the customer experience of SMC Trainers Malaysia, the company I founded a few years ago. While there were many prominent speakers, Bryan Loo gave me an amazing […]