Speak Eazy

Every Child Deserves a "Voice"

Major Dr. Prebagaran was in his car, waiting for his son just outside a little boutique hotel in Petaling Jaya. His son had just completed a 5 day at a public speaking program by MIM. As he was waiting, he had a realization.

There are a great number of children with immense potential are left untapped every year due to the cost. With a goal of helping at least 1000 kids by the year 2020, he envisions a future where every child has a chance to develop their potential at a young age no matter their background.

Speak Eazy – What began as a simple idea, quickly grew into a full-blown program, empowering over 300 underprivileged children to this day with Toastmasters-endorsed public speaking skills.

He decided to move forward with forming an official Gavel Club in the USA so he could provide world-class public speaking workshops to underprivileged kids at no cost to them. And so the Speak Eazy initiative was born.

Thanks to Major’s in-depth experience with instructional design combined with his industry relevant experience in the learning & development field, he crafted a program that would go on to rank in the top 25 in the Swiss Innovation Challenge under the Social Innovation Category out of the 200 companies participating.

With an emphasis on experiential learning and dynamicism, the curriculum incorporated an especially unique approach towards public speaking. Comprising of a 4 hour daily module, the entire workshop spans over a 5 day period involving dynamic elements like dancing and singing while maintaining a surprisingly successful emphasis on skill development.

Why the program is so effective?

A big reason for the effectiveness of the program is the attention provided per child. The ratio of student to trainer is capped to a 1-5. Students are provided with a personalized coaching experience that allows them to explore & learn in an environment that is both conducive and effective. A big reason for this is that Major Dr Prebagaran strongly believes that not much learning transfer happens without first reaching their hearts. Children are provided with meals completely free of charge and are able to obtain a legitimate certificate from the Toastmasters organization. As for the program instructors, he employs underprivileged students from local universities with generous salaries far above minimum wages.

To Dr. Praba, Thanks for being a part of this journey to help these kids to realise themselves to bring a change and guide them to be a better and useful citizen

Most parents do not really know what their child is capable of. Every word I said yesterday was really from the bottom of my heart truly your team is amazing I just couldn’t believe myself. I have been with most of them for almost 2 years but yesterday proved most of my judgment regarding most of them wrong. I realize how big of an actual role their family situations has towards their development. Thanks for being a part of this journey to help these kids to realise themselves to bring a change and guide them to be a better and useful citizen


Brigadier General Dr Subash Govindasamy

Advisor, Leo Club of SMK Ambrose, Ayer Tawar, Perak.

Interested in contributing to this cause?

Wish to participate in CSR but have insufficient budget or just haven’t found the right opportunity? I help companies just like yours looking to fulfil their CSR through our program. Your
company will be able to sponsor children from my program. I will provide you with regular updates of
the child’s progress from start to end.